Employment Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

(Auckland) Sprinkler Fitter Apprentice

(Auckland) Alarm Technician Apprentice


(Wellington) Sprinkler Fitter Contract Supervisor

Primary tasks include:

    • Undertake the physical installation of sprinkler systems ensuring those installations comply with New Zealand standards
    • Supervise other sprinkler fitter employees / contractors working on sprinkler contract installations in the lower North Island



(Nationwide) Fire Protection Design Engineer

Primary tasks include:

    • Providing design capability to support sprinkler and alarm needs
    • Designing fire protection / sprinkler systems to NZS 4541 standards
    • Designing fire detection / alarm systems to NZS 4512 standards as required

(Nationwide) Sprinkler Fitters

Primary tasks include:

    • Installing fire sprinkler systems to NZS:4541 standards


(Nationwide) Alarm Technicians

Primary tasks include:

    • Installing fire alarm systems to NZS 4512 standards

(Nationwide) Service Technicians

Primary tasks include:

    • Servicing existing fire protection systems in accordance with applicable standards


If you would like us to consider employment opportunities for you, please send your CV and a brief description of the role you are looking for to enquiries@southpacificfire.co.nz (please note you will need a current visa to work in New Zealand to be considered)