Design &

Design & Build of new fire protection systems – Fire Sprinklers, Alarms, and Hydrants

About this process

South Pacific Fire Protection Group management and staff are committed to providing our customers with products and services from a quality-based philosophy whereby the company competes nationally, completing consistently high quality installations on time and at the agreed price.

SPFPG will continue to employ the best and most cost-effective methods and technology in its endeavours to remain at the forefront of those engaged in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of alarm and fire sprinkler systems for industrial, commercial and domestic customers.

We will employ competent staff and sub-contractors whilst maintaining and improving their skill and their performance. We will provide training opportunities and encourage employees to take an intelligent interest in the running of the company so that they understand the imperatives of Quality Assurance in the fire protection industry with the very real risk of loss of life and property should quality procedures slip. Our objective here will be that all staff should be aware of the need for the greatest vigilance when working on fire protection systems, and be totally committed to the quality philosophy so as to reduce the risk of system failure and or loss of life.

To achieve this we must have a strict observance of good trade practice at all times, maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and preserve our Quality Management System; making sure it always complies with ISO 9001 and with the requirements of our customers as transmitted to us in writing or word of mouth whilst always looking at ways to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.